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College Crest and Song

College Crest and Song

College Crest


The circular shape represents continuous improvement and lifelong learning, reinforcing the spirit of excellence, dynamism and wholeness in all individuals.


The circle, which represents the individual, stands on concentric arcs that represent Discipline and Motivation, which in turn come together in a bold, strong arc signifying Innovation and Enterprise. These strengths provide the momentum for the individual to succeed in the global economy and contribute to the community.


Green represents life, vibrancy, energy and growth.

College Song

The road unwinds before us
And we must venture on
Towards the bright tomorrow
Which faith and hope enthrone.
We shall not stay nor linger
We shall not shrink nor fail
But hand in hand together
Strike out along the trail.


Head, heart and hand we offer
That none will fail the test
“Plus Ultra” leads us farther
Until we are the best.
And on our backs the armour
Forged in our College days
And in our eyes the light of truth
This College sets ablaze.

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