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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

JJC’s vision of College of Choice, Education of Value aims to provide holistic value-added education in the academic, physical, aesthetic, moral and socio-emotional domains. The College also recognises the need to nurture every student to be rooted in values, achieve value-added personal and learning outcomes, and become valued members of society, in alignment to its mission of Nurturing Confident Learners with a Global Outlook, Developing Leaders of Character with a Heart to Serve.

Character, Learning and Citizenship are thus the hallmark of the JJC brand of education; where academic and personal development goes hand in hand with global awareness and obligation to society.

As they navigate the challenges of learning in the 21st century, staff and students are guided by JJC’s core values of Appreciation, Responsibility, Discipline and Motivation and philosophy of care for our students and dedication to nurturing their diverse talents by offering a myriad of opportunities and celebrating all accomplishments, big and small. The college is committed to imbuing in our students, the courage to strive for continuous improvement and personal excellence. This belief is encapsulated in the College Motto – Plus Ultra.

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