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Character & Citizenship Education

Character & Citizenship Education

We believe in the importance of a Student-Centric Values-Driven Education. We put values and character development at the centre of all that we do. As our College Song exhorts; we take an integrated Head-Heart-Hand (3H) approach to student development. We engage students in Class; create memorable experiences for CCA and exercise values through Community Involvement. These three main (3C) platforms work in synergy with the Guidance, Student Leadership, VIA and NE Programmes to complete the JJ CCE experience.

Every Student a Leader of Character
We believe that leadership is influence and student leadership in JJC does not emphasise roles but focuses on students being role models. We expect every student to develop as a leader of character by learning and honing the practices of the values-based LEAD@JJ. Through the LEAD@JJ; we want every student to Lead by Example; Empower and Enable those they work with; Appreciate and Encourage others and Make a Difference wherever they find themselves.

In Every Student a Heart to Serve
We believe that community involvement is the natural and necessary outcome of concerned and active citizens. We understand that learning must be connected to the context of real and present social issues. We create opportunities for all students to Value community involvement in Class; facilitate Interest-driven involvement through CCA and cultivate leaders who are passionate enough to drive College-wide Action.

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