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Media Coverage

Media Coverage

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    Post-Promo Activities

    Published date: 2017-12-06

    On the Monday morning after the JC1 promotional examinations, all the JC1 students gathered in the hall and headed out to their respective venues. The teachers at JJC organised a series of exciting activities like bowling, golf, archery, fencing, rock-climbing and hip-hop dance class, etc. Many of the activities were held externally, one of them […]

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    JJ Graduation Day

    Published date: 2017-11-27

    On the first Friday in October, the teachers and the JC1 students organised a Graduation Day for all the JC2 students. In addition to the awards ceremony for the students who excelled in academics and exemplified outstanding qualities, the teachers had put together a graduation video dedicated to all the JC2 students. One of the […]

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    JJ Home-coming By Douglas Yap Jie Wen (17S04)

    Published date: 2017-09-27

    Although JJ Home-coming was an annual event, this year was exceptionally memorable as the news of merger between JJC and PJC was announced earlier this year by MOE.

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    JJC Teachers’ Day Celebration By Ooi Yuan Phing (18S25)

    Published date: 2017-09-13

    The theme for this year’s Teachers’ Day celebration was "Vedi, Veni, Vici" ("I came, I saw, I conquered" in Latin). Prior to the day of celebration, the JJ Student Council had gathered the students and asked the students to create a video for their teachers which was played on the eve of the celebration.

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    JJC National Day Celebration By Ooi Yuan Phing (18S25)

    Published date: 2017-09-06

    This year’s National Day Celebration at JJC was very different from the previous years as students were divided into 4 groups according to their “houses”.

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    CLEP Camp By Winson lee (18S25)

    Published date: 2017-07-19

    The CLEP Camp is held annually during the June holidays with this year being the 27th year of CLEP camp. It was held at the NUS U Town with the theme “Film and Literature”.

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    JJ Day Out by Liu Zhiling (17S25)

    Published date: 2017-07-05

    On the early morning of 26 May, the staff and students of Jurong Junior College gathered at Gardens by the Bay (East) and had a mass picnic.

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    JJ Drama Festival By Tan Zhen Yi, Jenny (17S04)

    Published date: 2017-06-07

    The last day of the first semester had always been the day of Drama Festival in JJC. This annual event was put together by all the students studying English Literature. This year, there were in total 5 performances which were inspiring and quite different in nature.

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    Xinyao Singing Competition Audition By Ooi Yuan Phing (18S25)

    Published date: 2017-05-30

    The 3rd National Xinyao Competition held its audition on 27 May at Jurong Junior College. The number of participants for the competition hit a new high as there were 109 participants for the individual category and 129 participants for the group category. The participants shared that they had an unforgettable experience singing on stage, and were glad that they were able to share their passion for Xinyao.

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    Xinyao Sharing Session by Alumni by Lu Zhenzhen / Winson lee (18S25)

    Published date: 2017-05-24

    On the 3rd of March, TCR Music Station came to JJC and put up a Xinyao concert for the J1 students. JJ Alumnus, Jiang Sijian, who is also under TCR, performed several songs and introduced Xinyao to the students

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