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Media Coverage

Media Coverage

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    JJ English Week 2016

    Published date: 2016-07-13

    Prior to the actual JJ English Week, the canteen tables, noticeboards, and the corridors were already pasted with information and quizzes related to the English Language.

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    JJC Performing Arts Concert

    Published date: 2016-07-06

    The JJC performing arts groups include the Symphonic Band, Chinese Orchestra, Guitar Club, Indian Dance, Malay Dance and Modern Dance. In addition, there were also other students like Ratu, Geng Zixuan and Zhang Dewen who put up mesmerising performances at the concert.

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    Taiwan Professor Shares on How to tell a story in Three Minutes

    Published date: 2016-06-22

    The students and teachers of Jurong Junior College were honoured to have invited Taiwan’s acclaimed writer (许荣哲) to conduct a seminar entitled “Tell a Story in Three Minutes”. He mentioned that the seven important elements of a story are: objective, obstacle, hard work, result, incident, twist and finale

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    International Chinese Riddle Competition

    Published date: 2016-06-15

    Four JJC students participated in the International Chinese Riddle Competition held in Jinjiang and achieved a silver award for the team. In addition, Hu Zhendong was awarded with the Outstanding Individual Award.

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    Kota Tinggi OELP

    Published date: 2016-06-08

    The Kota Tinggi OELP was organised by the J2 Geography teachers. The field trip was to allow the students to observe and study the river by measuring its area, depth, width and length.

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    JJ’s Day Out

    Published date: 2016-06-01

    In celebration of SG51, the teachers and students of JJC went to the Southern Ridges. While enjoying the walk and the greenery, the students had also learnt more about Singapore’s history and culture.

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    MTL Fortnight 2016

    Published date: 2016-04-20

    This year’s theme for JJ Mother Tongue Fortnight is “Telling, Watching, Listening and Stealing Stories”. To deepen students’ understanding and interest of their own culture, the college had lined up a series of exciting programmes for the students.

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    One of JJ Top Student: Tan Darius

    Published date: 2016-04-04

    With the release of A Level results last month comes the relief of Tan Darius who has achieved 5 As and 1 B in the examination. He was not exceptionally happy as the last 2 years had been a tough and challenging journey for him.

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    2016 Annual Orientation programme

    Published date: 2016-03-16

    The J2 Orientation Group Leaders of Jurong JC have been busy preparing for the annual Orientation programme to welcome the new J1 students to the college!

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    JJC Valentine’s Day Charity Sale

    Published date: 2016-02-03

    The JJ Interact Club has organised a charity sale on this Valentine's Day. This charity sale not only enable the students and teachers to express their love, but also share their love with the under-privileged community.

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