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MTL Fortnight written by Ooi Yuan Phing (18S25)

MTL Fortnight written by Ooi Yuan Phing (18S25)

This year’s highlight of the MTL Fortnight programme in JJC was the segment on ‘Appreciation of Chinese Music’. JJ Alumni, Jiang Si Jian, was invited to perform 5 songs which were written by local song writers. Si Jian, who graduated in 2011, was a winner of JJ Talentime and he had been singing even after graduation. He said that as long as JJ invites him and his time permits, he would gladly come back to JJ to perform for JJcians. The focus of the song appreciation segment was on Xinyao (Singapore Songs), which allowed students to understand the meanings behind the songs and our very own Singaporean culture.

Chinese Riddle was another segment of the programme. Several riddles were put up in the concourse for students to take part in. The final segment of the programme was a series of “classes” conducted by traditional artistes which include chopsticks painting, seal crafting, Chinese knotting, clay making, Chinese sachets, Rangoli and Ketupat Weaving. This variety of programmes allow students of different races to understand more about the culture of the other races. MTL Fortnight in JJ has deepened students’ understanding of various cultures and allow the knowledge to be passed on.

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