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Mr Kok Khew Fai

Mr Kok Khew Fai

Currently working as an engineer in the Air Force, Khew Fai graduated from Jurong Junior College in 2006.

During his time at JJ, Khew Fai was a diligent student who was determined to excel. On top of the four A-Level content subjects he offered (which were the equivalent of four H2 subjects now), he was one of the few students who took on the challenge of two ‘S’ papers. Under the current A-Level syllabus, ‘S’ papers have been replaced by subjects at the H3 level. Despite the extraordinarily heavy workload, Khew Fai achieved excellent results in the 2006 GCE A-Level Examination, scoring As in all his content subjects, and a distinction and a merit for the two ‘S’ papers. Besides achieving academic excellence, Khew Fai was a role model for his peers in other ways, leading by example in the various positions he held, such as Class Chairman, and Marketing Manager of the Alumni Connection Club.

In NS, Khew Fai stood out with his quick thinking and bravery. As a Full-Time National Serviceman (NSF) officer in 2008, he made news when he risked his life to save a recruit during a hand grenade live-firing exercise that he was supervising. Instead of lobbing the grenade forward, the recruit dropped it on the backswing, resulting in it landing some 4m behind where they were standing. Khew Fai’s instinctive action of pushing the recruit to the ground and lying prone over him kept both of them safe. For his selfless act of shielding the recruit, Khew Fai was awarded the SAF Medal for Distinguished Act, becoming the first NSF to receive the rare state honour. He was subsequently also awarded the SAF Merit Scholarship to read Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College.

Upon completion of his tertiary studies, Khew Fai was posted to Tengah Airbase as Officer in Charge of Propulsion Flight, and specialised in the troubleshooting and management of the F-16 Fighter Aircraft engine system.

Khew Fai’s unassuming personality, leadership skills, and selfless actions make him an excellent role model. He is someone the college is proud to call our alumnus.


  • Guest of Honour for J2 Farewell Assembly

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