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Mr Shafie Shamsuddin

Mr Shafie Shamsuddin

President and Chief Executive Officer at PT Trans Retail Indonesia
Mr Shafie Shamsuddin is the President and Chief Executive at PT Trans Retail Indonesia, a franchisee of Carrefour, and a subsidiary of Chairul Tanjung Corporation (CTC). CTC is a rapidly growing, diversified Indonesian-based holding company that is active in several industries, such as the media, finance, retail, and property. The 45-year-old has been named Outstanding Chief/Senior Executive (Overseas) of the Year at the 2016 Singapore Business Awards.

As President and Chief Executive of PT Trans Retail Indonesia, Shafie leads a large organisation with approximately 20,000 direct and indirect employees spread across 35 cities in Indonesia. He oversees almost 100 stores in the format of hypermarket, supermarket, wholesale, convenience stores, mobile phone retail, electronics, and more. The total revenue of the company is more than S$1.5 billion per year.

Prior to his current role at PT. Trans Retail Indonesia, Shafie had 18 years of experience in Carrefour, one of the largest retailers in the world. He first joined Carrefour Singapore as a management trainee in the operations and purchasing department soon after completing his degree in Business Studies at Nanyang Technological University. Shafie rose through the ranks to eventually become the first Asian to hold the top position of CEO in Malaysia and Singapore in 2006. He was also the first Asian and non-French speaking person among the top 50 leaders out of half a million employees of the Carrefour Group. Then, he had the heavy responsibility of leading some 5000 employees and generating more than 400 million euros in sales.

In his rise to the top, Shafie held various posts across Carrefour Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and France. Along the way, he dealt with many setbacks, which he overcame with great persistence. Among Shafie’s many achievements was significantly increasing the number of stores operated by Carrefour Malaysia from 8 to 17 in two years, from 2006 to 2008, when he was the Executive Director and Managing Director of Carrefour Malaysia/Singapore. Shafie was later promoted to Executive Director of Global Talent Management in the Carrefour Group and was based in Paris for over 2 years. Among his chief responsibilities was developing the top 100 talents among all the Carrefour employees worldwide.

Currently based in Indonesia, Shafie spent his formative years in Singapore, and graduated from Jurong Junior College in 1989. His interests lie in developing and coaching future leaders.


  • Guest of Honour for College Day
  • Motivational Speaker for Alumni-Student Interaction

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